How to Obtain Family Card and KTP for Foreigner in BALI

Hello everyone,

As promised in my previous post, after my husband Marcio successfully obtained his KITAP, we continued the process of obtaining an identity card (KTP) for foreign nationals in Indonesia. Similar to the process for Indonesian citizens, it starts with making a family card (Kartu Keluarga). So, Marcio had to be listed on the family card first before applying for a KTP.

I myself have changed my family card and KTP from Buleleng to Badung. After that, I just had to include Marcio in my family card. There were quite a few requirements for it, which can be checked on the website of the Badung Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Office (Disdukcapil). Simply choose the service for issuing a family card for KITAP holders. Below are the requirements:

  1. Family Card
  2. Legalized passport copy from the Consulate
  3. Legalized KITAP copy from Immigration
  4. STM (Police Report Letter)
  5. 2×3 sized passport photos (2 copies)
  6. Domicile letter from Kelian/Head of Neighborhood, Village/Sub-District and approved by the Sub-District Chief
  7. SKPOA (Certificate of Relocation for Foreigners) for foreigners coming from outside the Regency/City
  8. SKPWNI (Certificate of Relocation for Indonesian Citizens) for Indonesians coming from outside the Regency/City
  9. Birth certificate copy (for foreigners to be translated into Bahasa Indonesia)
  10. Marriage certificate copy
  11. Sponsor’s Family Card and ID Card copy with Badung domicile
  12. IMTA/Foreign Manpower Employment Permit copy
  13. Fill out F1.64 Form for Permanent Stay of Foreigners Registration
  14. Fill out F1.08 Form for Foreign Residents with Limited/Permanent Stay Permit Registration
  15. Fill out F1.01 Form for Population Registration Biodata
  16. Fill out F1.09 Power of Attorney Letter for Foreign Resident Biodata Registration if it is delegated to someone else

All the forms are already available on the website, just download and fill them out. There were a few points that I didn’t fill out, specifically points 7, 8, and 12. Once all the requirements have been fulfilled, upload all the necessary documents and wait for information on the processing progress. Based on my experience, the process is really fast. In less than 3 hours, the family card with my husband’s name was ready to be downloaded. Yeay!

Next is the process of making the ID card (KTP). Before registering on the Badung Regency Disdukcapil website, Marcio and I went to the Disdukcapil office first to record biometric data and take a photo. This was done because Marcio was making his ID card for the first time and had never recorded his data before. The Badung Regency Disdukcapil office is located on Jalan Raya Sempidi Mangupura, Sempidi, Kec. Mengwi, Badung Regency. It was quite far from our house, but nothing you can do, this process had to be done!

After arriving, I took a queue number for making a foreigner’s ID card. We only waited for 5 minutes and were already called. I handed over the family card with Marcio’s name and a copy of his KITAP. The officer verified the data by asking Marcio several questions. After that, Marcio was photographed and his biometric data was recorded.

The whole process was really fast, only 5-10 minutes and we were allowed to go home. The officer asked me to access the Badung Regency Disdukcapil website in the next 2 days to apply for the issuance of the foreigner’s e-ID card. Really efficient!

After 2 days, I accessed the Disdukcapil website from home and chose the e-ID card issuance service (for Indonesian and foreign citizens holding KITAP). The requirements for applying for a foreigner’s e-ID card were very easy, maybe because the complicated part was at the beginning when applying for the family card. For making the ID card, the requirements are:

  1. The latest family card (mark which one to print the e-ID card)
  2. Applicant’s e-ID card (damaged/broken/unreadable/due to changes in data elements)
  3. Lost Statement from the Police (if the old e-ID card is lost)

Yes! So, just upload the family card and mark which one to print the e-ID card. It was just as quick as making the family card. In less than 2 hours, I received a notification that Marcio’s ID card was ready to be printed and could be picked up at the Badung Regency Disdukcapil office. Yeaaay! Since the office was quite far away, I asked one of the Disdukcapil officers to print it out for me and I just picked it up with Gojek. So I didn’t have to go all the way to the office. On the same day, Marcio successfully obtained his e-ID card. Yuhuuuu! Congratulations, Cho.

So those are the steps for making a family card and foreigner’s e-ID card for KITAP holders. Hopefully, it will help all of you. Thank you for coming to this site!

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