Hassle-Free KITAS Extension at Kanim Ngurah Rai Bali: What You Need to Know

Hello all,

In this article, I want to share my experience in extending KITAS at Kanim Ngurah Rai Bali. This article is written based on my experience extending my husband’s KITAS in 2021. We live in Badung Regency, and for the KITAS extension, we went straight to Kanim Ngurah Rai. At that time, my husband and I moved and started living in Bali, so before extending our KITAS, we had to take care of the Address Mutation at the Immigration Office. After completing the document for address mutation, we immediately submitted the KITAS extension document on the same day. The requirements for extending KITAS at Kanim Ngurah Rai Bali are as follows:

  1. Letter of Request (provided by Kanim)
  2. Statement and Guarantee Letter (provided by Kanim)
  3. Sufficient stamped Power of Attorney (not needed in my case)
  4. CV (provided by Kanim)
  5. Copy of passport that contains foreigner’s identity, entry stamp, visa, and stay permit
  6. Copy of guarantor’s ID card and family card
  7. Immigration Form provided at Kanim
  8. Copy of KITAS and Residence Permit Letter (SKTT) for extension
  9. Domicile Letter (I provided it because my ID card has a different address than my residence and my husband’s)
  10. Marriage Certificate

Since I was taking care of the address mutation, along with the above requirements, I also attached a certificate stating that my husband, who is a foreigner, has indeed moved from Jakarta to Bali. This letter was provided by the Kanim after completing the address mutation documents. After the documents were declared complete, my husband and I were asked to wait for the KITAS payment slip. We waited for about 30 minutes and the slip was printed for us to pay Rp. 2,500,000. The amount was the same as my husband’s KITAS processing fee in Jakarta last year, so we had predicted the amount.

The fee can be paid through a bank teller or via a mobile post office located in the immigration office parking lot. This is quite different from last year when we processed KITAS at Kanim Soekarno Hatta Jakarta, and payments could be made via an ATM, making it more efficient. But it’s okay! My husband and I withdrew cash from the nearest ATM and paid at the mobile post office on the same day. The Kanim officer informed us that 3 days after payment, my husband could come to Kanim to have his photo taken and biometric data collected. We made the payment on the same day the documents were submitted. Data and biometric photo collection were carried out 3 days after payment. KITAS was completed 1 week after the photo was taken. Wow! My husband and I were quite amazed by the KITAS processing at Kanim Ngurah Rai. It was fast!

So that’s all I can share about the requirements and process for extending KITAS at Kanim Ngurah Rai. If you have any additional information, please write it in the comments section. Thank you, guys!

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