Solo Traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Part 1: Visiting Bukit Bintang and Alor Street

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my solo traveling experience to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I am actually in doubt now, lol whether to use English or Bahasa Indonesia. Why am I even thinking of using English? it’s because I believe our other fellow travellers who arent Indonesian will find this writing useful and more understandable. I mean, I still care about you guys, my dear Indonesian traveller, but I am pretty sure you can manage to understand this. Right? Right?

Okay, first. Let me tell you the background. I went to Kuala Lumpur to visit my penpal, Tonn. Penpal? Yes, lol! I mean we’re not really writing with pen, but we never met in person before. We’re like online best friends who happened to share everything with each other. So, it has been 8 years of friendship, that I then decided to come and meet her in person. Not only that, I decided to even stay with her and bother her for a week lol! She stays in a condo around Bukit Jalil, and she’s more than happy to have me hanging around lol! So, yes, it’s decided then!

No, let me tell you the itinerary. Well, I should amit that travel for 7 days straight was a nit too much for me. Especially because I was doing it solo. Before this, whenever I traveled, I always had some friends, and last two and half years, I have my fiance Marcio who would be with me during the trip. But now, it’s  a bit different. It’s a week! To other country by myself. I mean, yes I understand, it’s only Malaysia lol, we even speak almost the same language, so yes it’s actually not a big deal. But still, I found it a bit terrifying (and exciting at the same time). I’ve known Tonn for 8 years, yes, but what if she is a lunatic? LOl, or a serial killer? no one can really save me! But yea, I tried to put a side those negative thoughts and decided to let’s go! travel!

At first I did make my one-week-itinerary, but when I was there in Kuala Lumpur, there were some adjustments, so yes okay, it’s not a big deal though. Let me write the details below:

FIRST DAY: Monday, 17 September 2018
– Going to Tonn’s place (yeay!)
– Bukit Bintang Alor street

So, I was expected to arrive at 14:40 to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA 1), which of course not going as what we expected as I came with a budget airline where late is their nature lol. But okay, no complain, I chilled, and understood completely. After arriving at the airport, I was a bit confused, well yeaa…it happens all the time lol! But luckily, I am a type of person who is comfortable to ask people, so I ask around to find place to take my baggage and also bus to go to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). Alright, it was in level 1, so I took my luggage and right away ran down to level 1. Ohya, before I forget, I bought SIMCARD also, it was Digi Traveller SIM Card that would be active for 7 days. I got 9 GB, as what they told me (which later I found out it was 2GB internet, and 1 GB everyday for 7days to access only WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook. God! So if you like instagram, they will take it from your 2GB internet), and I paid 20RM. Okay! Arriving to level 1, I did then buy the bus ticket, it was a Jetbus that cost 11 RM. It took almost an hour from KLIA to TBS. And I met Tonn in TBS, she picked me up, and for the first time, we finally met!! So happy <3

It was 7.30pm when we arrived at Tonn’s place, a condominium at Bukit Jalil. And she suggested us to go right away, checking Bukit Bintang and Alor Street to eat (if I wasnt too tired, which of course I was, but come on! Rest is only for a weak! LOL). So yea, we went then. Tonn acted as my guide, lol, and showed me how to go from her place to Bukit Jalil LRT Station. It was walking distance, for only a km, so I was entirely okay with that especially because I loved counting my steps everyday, so it’s an exercise for free! Arrived there, I bought ticket LRT from Bukit Jalil to Bukit Bintang. Caution: at first, it is really hard to understand the train map, I almost gave up. Freaking complicated. But I took it slow, and chill and yeah! Finally it was not bad! I survived the entire week going everywhere with LRT, commuter or train express. At first I paid 5RM to get the chip, and then I realized that instead of buying the chip everytime I took train, I wanted to buy TouchnGo Card. So yes, that’s fine, I just bought the card then for my entire trip. It cost 15RM, I think, I am not sure, I dont remember, but it got 10RM that I could use later, so I was so OK.

Alright, from Bukit Jalil to Bukit Bintang, we took Rapid KL to Hang Tuah station, and took other Rapid KL to Bukit Bintang. The thing that I could sense a bit different from train in Jakarta was the situation and the people. At that time when I arrived, it was not crowded at all, and we easily got place to sit. Other thing was I needed some times to wait for the train to come, I ddidnt really realize I went through this challenge in Jakarta. So, when I arrived BUkit Bintang, I could totally feel the tourist vibes!! Souvenir, foreigners, people selling food, street musician, and it was crowded!

We went to Alor street which was also in Bukit Bintang area and enjoyed the environment. Tourists were everywhere, was not sure whether I was in Kuala Lumpur or somewhere foreign. Most of the food sellers sell seafood, so we didnt really have much choice. We took seats and started to order. Okay, the price here was more pricey than the food price in general. For two people, we paid 50 RM. Quite a shock! lol, since that was my first night in Kuala Lumpur, but later I learned that I could buy food, GOOD ONE, worth only 5.5RM. So yes, it was just because of the tourist area than everything became more expensive. We went home and took train again.

First day was nice. We spent time talking! Huwaaahh it’s like non-stop talking session. We arrived home around 12pm and still talked until 2:30 am. I decided then to stop the interesting conversation and hot topic we discussed because I knew Tonn would need to sleep for tomorrow she needed to work early. Yes! Good day!

So I counted how much I spent in my first day, it was around 100RM. I bought marcio also minced pork worth 10RM, which was good and no regret. Next journey, I planned to visit Batu Caves, the famous Hindu temple in Malaysia. So, Ill write more soon 🙂


Ohya, check my video also in YouTube! I talked about 5 cool things about Malaysia 🙂


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