A Moment to Remember


26/04/2016, 08:48

It was 3am in the morning when I woke up from a terrifying dream. I started to cry and felt a sudden loneliness surrounded me. Then I checked my phone and found his unread message there. Well, I called him right away. He was still awake, and (not really surprising) he was still in the office, working. I talked to him and told him that I got another bad dream, the usual one. He said he wanted to see me, and I felt the same so we decided to meet at Seven Eleven around Bendungan Hilir, near my boarding house (so sad that we dont have that Seven Eleven around anymore😭). I arrived there first and I could see him from the window glass arrived with his Gojek driver. He was so tired, I could tell. It was almost 4am, no joke! He came and hugged me awkwardly. We never really shared any hug before 😁 Then we started talking, he could really cheer me up. He told me funny stories about any random things and we laughed together. That was the first time I felt so happy again being with someone. It was 6 in the morning when we realized that we needed to go back home since we had to go work soon. I remember how he touched my hand and said that he didnt want me to feel alone. Well I dont know, I was so touched, maybe that was the first moment I fell in love with him but sure I was such in denial at that time. One thing I could remember was how I went back home with smiles on my face and warmth in my heart. I felt so content ❤️. So thankful I found him. after all.

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